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Estonia’s rich history has left it with a wealth of tourist attractions: castles, church, fortresses, and ancient Estonian hill forts and stone tombs. The highlight of any trip to Estonia is its capital city, Tallinn, with its fabulous medieval OldCity. Tallinn’s OldCity is Unesco Heritage Site, and rightly so.

Unlike most European cities, which have ancient buildings mixed in between modern ones, Tallinn’s OldCity is complete.You leave bustling modern life behind when of cobblestones and dim alleys, sputtering torches and secret stairways. The OldCity holds new surprises around every corner, even for its old inhabitants. Now you can watch workmen peel back the layers of plaster on the medieval buildings and uncover statuary and intricate stone embellishments hidden during Soviet times. Tallinn also makes an excellent base for exploring Northern Estonia, with its exotic Russian influences, great national park, Lahemaa, and regal manor houses

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