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Krasnoyarsk is a modern industrial city with unique architecture, a capital of artistic and talented people of Siberia and one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Several years in succession, Krasnoyarsk has been recognized as one of the most comfortable cities in Russia.


In the 1960′s, Krasnoyarsk became a major transport junction. Three of the most important transport routes, the Trans-Siberian railway, a highway of federal significance and the river Yenisei pass through the city.

Citizens of Krasnoyarsk carefully maintain their history, restoring and preserving monuments of architecture and valuable features of ways of life. Krasnoyarsk is well known in Russia for its Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel, for an architectural ensemble of office buildings on Karl Marks street, as well as for its Clock Tower.  

Krasnoyarsk bridges are among the main sights of the city. The Railway Bridge over the Yenisei, constructed in 1899 by mechanical engineer E.K. Knorre as part of the project by known Russian engineer L.D. Proskuryakov, was awarded with gold medal at the World Fair in Paris in 1900 as the highest achievement of technical idea.

The city is distinguished by its unique landscapes, mountain views, majestic Siberian forest and well-known Stolby Nature Reserve.

At present, there are 166 objects of cultural heritage of regional and national importance in Krasnoyarsk. The city has rich cultural traditions. There are 5 professional theatres in Krasnoyarsk. Mikhail Godenko’s State Academic Dance Company of Siberia is known to spectators of more than 50 countries worldwide.

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Location: Krasnoyarsk is located in the centre of Russia at the confluence of the small river Kacha and mighty Yenisei. It  is an administrative center of Krasnoyarsk Krai and the third largest city in Siberia after Novosibirsk and Omsk, with a population of more than 900 thousand people. Time: Moscow standard time (MST) + 4 hours. Climate:

The average temperature in Krasnoyarsk


-16 °C


-8 °C


0 °C


8 °C


17 °C


22 °C


25 °C




14 °C




-3 °C


-9 °C