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Orthodox Easter & The XVII Moscow Easter Festival

Orthodox Easter Day in Russia celebrated one week later according to the Julian calendar, is the one of the most sacred and popular event all over the country. Easter is called Paskha in Russian. Traditional Russian Easter celebrations are full of various remarkable traditions. An impressive night procession and The XVII Moscow Easter festival from 8 April to 9 May 2018are especially worth visiting. The festival comprises four thematic weeks: symphonic, chamber, choir music and bells week. Artists from all over the world, including world stars and young talents are participating.

The orthodox Christians set a festive table after the Great Lent. The most popular Russian Easter food are Kulich (Russian Easter Bread), Paskha (dish made of cottage cheese and raisins) and dyed eggs.

And don’t be surprised to see people greeting each other with “Khristos voskres” and geting a reply of “Voistinu voskres,” which literally means that Christ has risen.

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