Putorana Plateau & Dikson

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  • 16 jours / 15 nuits
  • Niveau 3 (modéré/actif)
Détails du Tour

Visit the northernmost city on the Earth –Dudinka, in the region of Norilsk with its beautiful lakes and waterfalls, and the unique experience of tundra with its frost-molded landscapes and extremely low temperatures. And then take a flight to Dikson where you will reach the northernmost spots of Eurasia and a complete three-day immersion in tundra rich with all kinds of birds, fish and animals.

This is a real retreat from the usual city-life and stress and return to the origins.


Jour 1Norilsk

Arrival to Norilsk. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Sightseeing tour around the Talnakh district in Norilsk, during which you will enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the city. Excursion to the gorge of the Red Stones – a very popular vacation spot for locals. In the gorge you can enjoy the views of the waterfall and the lake. Dinner.

Jour 2Norilsk

Breakfast. Transfer by speedboat to the base at the Lake Lama (about 5 hours on the road). Lunch-box. The Lake Lama is the most famous and one of the most beautiful lakes of Taimyr Peninsula. Accommodation. Walk along the lower part (buffer zone) of the Putoransky State Nature Reserve. Dinner.

Jour 3Norilsk

Breakfast. Walking tour to the South Neralah waterfall. Walking tour around the buffer area of the Putorana Reserve. Lunch. Excursion to the waterfalls to the river Vitaminka. On the territory of the Putorana Plateau, there are thousands of cascading waterfalls of various heights. Discover the flora and fauna of the reserve, photo session. Dinner.

Jour 4Norilsk

Breakfast. Excursion to the observation deck of the Lake Lama. Lunch. Departure by speedboat to Norilsk. Accommodation. Dinner.

Jour 5Norilsk

Breakfast. Excursion to the Museum of the History of Norilsk Industrial District. Lunch. Sightseeing tour around Norilsk. Dinner.

Jour 6Norilsk – Dudinka

Early breakfast. Transfer to Dudinka. Sightseeing tour around Dudinka – the coldest and northernmost (69°21’N) city on the Earth. Excursion to the Taimyr Local Lore Museum – a custodian of unique collections, which have no analogues in the world, such as shaman costumes, cult items of the Nganasan and the Enets (indigenous people), etc. Lunch. Workshops, performance “the initiation ceremony to Taymyr habitants”. Accommodation. Dinner.

Jour 7Dudinka

Breakfast. Walking tour around tundra – well-known for its frost-molded landscapes, extremely low temperatures, little precipitation, poor nutrients, and short growing seasons. Dead organic material functions as a nutrient pool. There are no transport routes and these places are almost inaccessible to tourists. Discover the rich world of flora and fauna of the northern land. Lunch (outdoors). Transfer to the city. Dinner.

Jour 8Dudinka – Dikson

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Dikson. Accommodation. Lunch. During the sightseeing tour of the village you will visit the monuments to N.A. Begichev, a researcher of the Taimyr Peninsula, who died during the Great Patriotic War at the time of the famous Northern battle; the Glory Memorial; and the Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker Church. The Dikson district includes the Northern Earth and Cape Chelyuskin – the northernmost points of Eurasia. Dinner.

Jour 9Dikson

Breakfast. Transfer by boat to the bay Medusa (in the Yenisei Gulf). Accommodation. Lunch. Visit to the Willem Barentsz Biological Station which was built here for the development of international scientific research. Walking tour along the coast of the Kara Sea. Dinner.

Day 10-12Tundra

Three-day tour of the tundra. The nature of the Far North gives an impression of wealth and abundance – there are a lot of birds, fish and animals. The possibility to feel its charm is worth all the difficulties of the long journey. The whole life of the tundra with all its biological diversity is in the palm of your hand. Free time. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

Day 13Dikson

Breakfast. Sightseeing tour to Dikson Island. Dikson Island has entered the history of the Great Patriotic War as the easternmost territory of the country where a battle with the German invaders took place. Lunch. Visit to the monument to the Severomortsy, who died in the battle with the fascist cruiser Admiral Scheer. Return to the hotel. Dinner.

Day 14Dikson

Breakfast. Excursion to the School Museum, where exhibits have been collected for many years by the residents of Dikson village. Demonstration of the documentary film “Dikson Defense”. Lunch. Excursion to the art gallery of local artists. Meeting with locals. Dinner.

Day 15Dikson

Breakfast. Transfer to Norilsk. Accommodation. Free time. Dinner.

Day 16Dikson

Petit-déjeuner. Transfert vers l'aéroport.

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  • Possibilité d'ajouter des activités personnalisées
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